June 14, 2023 1 min read

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Victor Wear: Empowering & Employing the Autism Community

Did you know that 85% of autistic individuals are either unemployed or underemployed? That’s the alarming problem Victor Wear aims to solve. Victor Wear is an inspirational activewear brand and social enterprise dedicated to empowering and employing the autism community.  It aims to be
 a leading employer of people with differing abilities. 10% of our profits support Special Olympics VA.  

The company was founded by mama-preneur Tiffany Hamilton, and her teenage son, Isaiah Hamilton, who’s the inspiration behind the brand. Today, Isaiah is a straight A student, gold-medal winning swimmer, talented artist, competitive bowler, and video game designer/coder. But despite his many talents, Isaiah, like the vast majority of autistic people, will face high rates of unemployment and  underemployment in the working world.

Together, Isaiah and I aim to change this through their key initiatives.

  • Victor Wear Expo: This annual public event showcases the products and services of disabled-led businesses  and connects these and other businesses to talent in the disability community

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